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We've collected some reviews of our personalised children's books, written by journalists, bloggers, and influencers.

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Charlottieleigh "I have decided to share because we loved the book so much. It is completely personalised, from the look of the main character, to the message inside the book and also the names of all of the characters." Read the review
Vickilee "Isabelle has had so much enjoyment reading this book. With a beautiful message and family personalisation, this book makes a beautiful keepsake." Read the review
Motherhood: The Real Deal "Every now and then a book comes along to which your children’s response is so precious you want to capture and hold on tightly to it forever. That book has become known as The Penguin Party in our household." Read the review
Mum Muddling Through "As Tigs skips off happily on the beach with Mummy and Daddy, this book filled me up with emotion as Tigs, snuggled up and ready for bed soaked up every word – gripped by the joy of hearing so many familiar names along the way" Read the review
Crash Test Mummy "They offer such a diverse and inclusive range of options (multiple skin and hair colours, hijab and multiple hair styles incl. bald, afro and curls). You can also pick gender-neutral clothes and pronouns." Read the review
Laura's Lovely Blog "This is a gorgeous book and would make a very special gift too. I love the themes with in it and I think it’s a very important message for any child." Read the review
Rachel Bustin "A lovely story where your child is welcomed into their own special island surrounded by family and friends. It’s well thought out and written with little ones in mind." Read the review
Chelsea Mamma "The story is heartwarming, with colourful illustrations and fun descriptions of the penguin characters and their special gifts and Sebby loved seeing the names of friends and family in the book, particularly imagining them as penguins." Read the review
Single Parent Pessimist "The book can be about the child's single parent family, step family and two-parent family including same-sex parents." Read the review
Daddies On A Mission "The biggest attraction for us was being able to add two Daddies. You can add a Mam and Dad, two Mams, two Dads, Grandparents, Uncles/Aunties etc or names." Read the review
Muslim Mummy "What I particularly loved is the inclusivity of the book. Not just allowing the option of the hijab in the book, but also being considerate of other groups, such as single parent families." Read the review