Spot the penguins for World Penguin Day

Here at Annabee's Books, we absolutely love penguins.
We love them so much, we even have a personalised children's book "The Penguin Party" that is all about them!

This year, World Penguin Day is on April 25th, as this is roughly the date of these amazing creatures' annual, northward migration.
To pay homage to these cute and unique birds, we have prepared an activity called SPOT THE PENGUIN.

How to play?

10 penguins from "The Penguin Party" have hidden themselves amongst different groups of penguins.
Can you spot them all? Which one is your favourite?

(All these photos were taken in the Falkland Islands by Chris (our Co-Founder) when he spent a couple of weeks there in 2016.)

Thanks for playing!

If you want some fun facts about these unique birds, read our top facts here

Finally, here is a little video we prepared back in January - hope you enjoy it!