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6 values to empower our children

If you have read The Penguin Party (in print or the digital preview version), you will know that the story is about a gift-giving ceremony, where the child (the main character) receives precious gifts from the penguins. Even though the gifts are 'given' to the child, they are in reality important life values that the child already has within them (happiness/joy, gratitude, forgiveness, growth, exploration and acceptance).
Stay tuned for a deep dive into each of these values.

Why a story about life values?

Our intention with the story is for our children to realise that they already hold the power within themselves to be happy, learn, grow and find joy in small things.

The final scene in the story is a realisation by the child that they are enough and worthy of love and happiness! Powerful messages that we seek to convey through a beautiful book full of penguins.

Alison, the author, originally wrote the book for her niece. Before writing it, she asked Annabelle's parents what life values were important to them.

Here are the 6 chosen values (and why Annabelle's parents chose them):

'We chose to focus on happiness as although it can be seen as a state of being rather than a value per se, we want to help our children understand that, above all, they are always deserving and worthy of happiness. t's about simplicity, contentment, actively looking for beauty and positives and letting go of expectations that weigh us down.'

'By feeling and expressing gratitude we don't only make others feel good but ourselves. Science tells us that when we feel grateful our mind relaxes and makes us more effective. There is a reason why pretty much all religions embed gratitude within prayers!'

'In our family, we value constant learning and we want to convey that to our children. We believe that a large part of growth is also about accepting that although it may feel slow at times, we must be patient and now and again look back to realise all the things we have learned and how we have grown. We want our children to understand the importance of a positive and growth mindset and the excitement and possibilities that exist when they take even just baby steps in learning something new.'

'We want to teach our children the importance of remaining curious and the joy of trying new things, meeting new people and visiting new places. All children are born scientists and are constantly experimenting and exploring, but over time, the world we live and societal pressures can mean that some of their curiosity ebbs away.'

'Forgiveness, put simply, helps everyone feel better! Truly forgiving someone helps to release bitterness and stress, so it's not just a one-way street!'

'It is key for children to embrace our differences, our similarities and what makes each one of us unique and special. As children grow, they face many types of external pressures to fit in (after all our survival used to depend on it) so remembering that we are all unique and that everyone wants to feel loved should help children to fully accept their own emotions and feelings.

Written by Chris, Co-Founder. (Follow him on IG @mostly_dadding).