5 reasons why "The Penguin Party" is a unique gift

When we started Annabee’s Books, we promised to create beautiful stories that convey just how special our children are and help them unlock their inner gifts.
Our new personalised children’s book ‘The Penguin Party’, is a timeless book that children and families will treasure forever.

It is a favourite for parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents and we think it's the perfect gift for new baby arrivals, birthdays, christenings, Christmas, or just because.

"Every now and then a book comes along to which your children’s response is so precious you want to capture and hold on tightly to it forever. That book has become known as The Penguin Party in our household." - Motherhood: The Real Deal

A timeless keepsake for all ages. Perfect for little readers (6-10) and an ideal gift from birth and upwards.
When you're ready, you can personalise and preview the full book for free (and you can even download a digital copy for free!).
We also offer gift vouchers for children and families to personalise the book, together, in their own time!

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1. It helps children understand their inner gifts

The Penguin Party celebrates children's inner gifts and helps them understand that the most precious gifts of all can’t be given, they are born with them.

With themes of self-acceptance, gratitude, and forgiveness, this personalised book helps you share with a child the values that they will need to navigate and live a happy and balanced life.

We consulted with early years psychologists, published experts in early years and primary school teachers to offer a proactive approach to building your child’s sense of self-worth, using those special intimate reading moments to help your child grow in confidence and happiness.

Here are our favourite quotes from the book:
"Remember that you too are always deserving of great happiness."
"Everything about you is what makes you so unique and so special."
"The gift of gratitude helps you to see that real joy comes from the simple things in life."
"The sounds and colours of the world are rich, and they are waiting for you."
"The gift of forgiveness is a powerful gift because it will bring you a life free from bitterness."

2. It’s completely unique to the child and their family

‘The Penguin Party’ is unlike any other personalised children’s book. In addition to changing the name and appearance of the child, you also personalise the child’s family.

The book magically adapts to create a storybook that is entirely unique to the child and their family. With over five million possibilities, you can guarantee that their book will be one of a kind.

"They offer such a diverse and inclusive range of options (multiple skin and hair colours, hijab and multiple hair styles incl. bald, afro and curls). You can also pick gender-neutral clothes and pronouns." - Crash Test Mummy

3. It may be the most inclusive and diverse personalised children’s book (ever?)

We made sure the book is as inclusive as possible and that the diversity of family life and composition in our society can be represented (e.g single mum/dad, same-sex couples, mixed-race families, adoptive parents, etc.).

"What I particularly loved is the inclusivity of the book. Not just allowing the option of the hijab in the book, but also being considerate of other groups, such as single parent families." - Muslim Mummy

4. You can include family members and friends in the story

In addition to having the child and parent(s) in the story, you can choose to personalise the names of the penguins that give special gifts to the child. Aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends can appear in the story and make it extra special!

"The story is heartwarming, with colourful illustrations and fun descriptions of the penguin characters and their special gifts and Sebby loved seeing the names of friends and family in the book, particularly imagining them as penguins." - Chelsea Mamma

Name these 6 penguins as family members or friend's names

5. You can write a special message for the child to read

Imagine the child’s reaction when they see a loving and heartwarming message that you have written just for them! You can edit the default dedication or can completely write your own!

"This book filled me up with emotion as Tigs, snuggled up and ready for bed soaked up every word – gripped by the joy of hearing so many familiar names along the way, and of course, by her favourite animals, the penguins." - Mum Muddling Through

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