5 eye-opening benefits of personalised books

We created Annabee’s Books with the aim of helping children understand how unique and wonderful they are, and building their self-love and self-confidence.

The messages that our books convey will have a lifelong impact on your children, as they are shown what wonderful traits and powers they already possess.

We want every single child in the world to hear these important messages that they are loved and that they are enough - and how best to do it but via personalised books, with characters that look like them, and names of friends and family that they will recognise!

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1. Inclusion - Every single child can star in the story.

In 2019, a study published by Sheffield Hallam University (here) found that there was a “critical lack of diversity” in the children’s literature sector and an under-representation of ethnically diverse characters.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Today, technology exists for books to be as diverse and inclusive as publishers decide, and we decided to make our books as inclusive and diverse as possible.

By not only personalising the name, but also the appearance - and allowing for options of different skin colours, hair colours, glasses, headscarf, etc. we want to make sure that every single child can star in their story!

Muslim Mummy said in her review "What I particularly loved is the inclusivity of the book. Not just allowing the option of the hijab in the book, but also being considerate of other groups, such as single parent families."

2 - Engagement. Increase the chance of remembering important messages.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Have you heard that before? Well it really is!

Decades' worth of scientific research consistently demonstrates that people are much better at remembering pictures than words, and it’s even more evident in children. In 2008, a US study found that personalised books ‘improved reading comprehension in students given reading books with personalised elements’.

Highly effective picture books significantly enhance children’s recall of vocabulary and story content, so if you want to convey impactful and character building messages, make sure it’s visually appealing!

3. Quality Time - Create beautiful shared reading moments.

Involving your child in shared reading experience is a fun and invaluable activity you can’t afford to miss. Enjoying a book together is a lovely way to spend some precious time with your children.

It can be before bedtime or in the middle of the day (or in the middle of the night if you must), it can be on the train, or snuggled up in your children’s bed.

In those precious moments, where child and adult are connected and appreciative of the time together, magic can happen! These are critical moments in which the child is extremely receptive to ideas, thoughts and feelings.

So if you have the right book which shows them how unique and special they are - you can create some beautiful shared moments and memories together.

4. Literacy - Increase their confidence and love for literacy.

Personalisation is increasingly recognised as having some fundamental benefits in helping children perceive themselves as a reader, in turn boosting confidence and love for literacy.

A study by the National literacy Trust (NLT) reported that ‘Seeing oneself in a book can have a powerful effect on children, making explicit the idea that they are welcome … in the world of the written word”.

A study in 1996 found that “…Contextualisation, personalization, and choice all produced dramatic increases, not only in students’ motivation but also their depth of engagement in learning, the amount they learned in a fixed time period, and their perceived competence and levels of aspiration.”

5. Resilience - Increase their self-esteem and self-belief

According to the National Literacy Trust (we refer to them a lot!), ‘the option of featuring a child’s appearance, gender and ethnicity within a personalised book provides a unique opportunity for children to see themselves in a published book, increasing self-esteem and a “sense of possible destinations”.’
We are completely on-board with this! All our books are written to develop positive self-identity, self-love, self-acceptance, and increase our children’s resilience.

Our book The Penguin Party shows them how unique and wonderful they are and they are enough for this world! Each child is given 6 gifts (acceptance, happiness, gratitude, forgiveness, exploration and growth) which they learn are actually already within them!

Mum Chloe agrees! She told us: "I ordered the personalised penguin party book. I am a Social worker and I am always on the look out for books to support emotions and confidence. My son is only 17 months but he loves it so much. I am so happy and I know I will get a lot of years out of it."

If you want to find out more, read through The Penguin Party.